Shifting Shadows (Sparks Collide, #1)

Shifting Shadows (Sparks Collide, #1) - Amanda Kelly 2 stars. Maybe 2. 5. So I'm not in the mood to write a whole review, so here are my notes instead. -a writing style that def needs getting used to. -stereotypical para characters... pro = everybody tries to make their para's stand out, so embracing stereotypes was sorta different. Con: not very original thinking, and sorta a let down. I wouldn't have minded stereotypes, if something new, or at least different was thrown in. -Alpha of pack, the H's dad, not so much an alpha as a bully/control freak...not leading people so much as telling his people to do what he says, because he says so. -quite a few characters to keep straight. We're told all the secondary characters are all different, but IMO, they were pretty interchangeable. -some of the reasoning made no sense. They don't tell us, the reader why the h is so worried about being found by other witches, until the end of the book...we spend the whole book wondering why she (the h) and her family is so damn important, that either side of witches would actually use resources to locate her. At one pt, h says no one was actually hunting them....although in the beginning we're led to believe she and her family were being hunted...contradiction, much? Can you say confusing?-the h's family barely plays a part. We're told they matter, but we don't really see them together, so it's hard to believe they really play a part in her life. She has like one convo with her mama, but that's like it, besides a couple texts. -there's next to no, romancy stuff between H and h, till 3/4ths of the way was sorta like the author decided to throw it in, because she was supposed to. IIRC the H has a couple scenes where he's hitting on someone else, and/or making out with other's chicks. I figured the H and h were going to be friends with a possible romance being set up for the next book, so when they do get together I was surprised. -Sorta hard to tell who the audience was....characters are all in the new adult age range, but act much much younger. It sorta felt like they were only made those ages, so they could all drink. And nobody will curse. It's all effing this, or freaking something else. It's hard to believe anyone's a bad ass, when they come off as too polite to curse....I would have been okay without the cursing, but it felt like they were being obvious in their refusal to say the word fuck. Or maybe because I curse all the freaking time, it just stands out more to me,who knows? :p-very little world building. Again we're told a lot, but we don't see a whole lot in action, esp with the older shifters. And there's not a whole lot of info on the witches' war. ...We get the bare bones, and that's like it. -At the end, i was left feeling like i read half a story with potential, rather then a whole one.