Bared to You: A Crossfire Novel

Bared to You  - Sylvia Day So this is only a rough, vague review...more like a few thoughts/impressions jotted down......I may or may not comeback and make this look better:Welcome to meh- ville.SD's BtY was by no means a bad book.  it was also  by no means a good one. IMO, it was just sorta there...I received a copy from net galley, and started reading it almost instantly...then I had to put it down.... To be fair, I have trouble with first person stories--there's only a few authors who can pull me into the story and engage my interest/ attention/ focus so much so, that I forget all about the tense the story's written in....SD is not one of these authors, I had the hardest time getting into the was weeks before I finally picked  it back up, mostly when I couldn't decide what else to it's similar to Fifty, and in some ways I feel like it's the goto book for anyone who's kinda sorta interested in these kinds of books, but doesn't want to be caught up in FSoG's hype ( or conversely has let the hype get to them, and  where they once love it, now don't want to be associated with it). I think my biggest issue with BtY was the lack of felt like an issue would come up, and maybe like 5 pages later it would all be okay again. And to some degree it feels like a bad made for tv movie where all the actors are trying too hard, and end up over acting .Also it felt like there was less of an emotional impact then I'd have liked...I could never really feel anything for eva...other then a mild dislike. I think I felt even less about really wasn't til the end of the book that I even felt pressed to keep going...and then it ended.Now I've  tried many ,many times to like SD, but it's never panned out...something about her writing, that I've never been able to connect with...but now i can say congrats to ms day, BtY, is not only the first of her titles I've made it all the way through, but it's also got me on the hook for the next one...despite my lukewarm feeling for it...3 stars.