Altered - Jennifer Rush Can you say frustrating as all hell? I was hoping for a 5 star read to start of the new year, (at least 4.5!)...and I got this instead...Even more aggravating is that it started out so good! The whole idea was being built up wonderfully, it was hold on to your seat unputdownable goodness...and I really thought that I'd be giving it at least 4 stars.......then the second half happened and it all went to hell.......I'm not sure if I can describe exactly what was wrong with it...but it was a mix of things...on one hand it didn't go the way I expected/ hoped, it was all so fast. One thing happened, then another and another, and instead of building up the tension, it just seemed...flat...or maybe it was just that it all happened so quickly, that there didn't seem time to have the tension build up....whatever it was, it stopped being unputdownable...and If I wasn't sick at the time, I probably would've found a bunch of other things to do instead...As far as the MC's go, I was never overly fond of either the heroine or her hero ...I thought, in the beginning I'd grow to like the h, but by the second half, I just stopped caring all together, she was a little too naive for me.....and the unless the dudes a douche, i usually love the H....but this is this time, I didn't like him because he was more of a nonentity, or maybe flat's a better word.He was just there....and that's it. Plus he was sorta a pansy, despite being the leader of his little group.And the romance....yeah they didn't have any chemistry, and for the life of me, I don't know what they saw in each other...honestly the H seemed more like an older brother IMO, then a love interest...I sorta wanted one of the other guys to be the H.So yeah, at the end it sounded like there could bee another book...but if there is, not gonna be going anywhere near it. 3.5 stars for the first half and 2 for the second like 2.75 altogether.