Frigid - J Lynn Huh, I have no idea how I feel about this book. Having said that let me just mention, that its super super early and I've had little to no sleep, so hopefully this will at least be semi coherent: The main issue s the Hero.So on one hand, he is def a player...and dudes who screw anyone and everyone? Yeah, maybe it's just me, but that's getting old. On the other, we all do stuff we regret later, things we wish we'd done differently, so in those terms it's easier to like the Hero. But I feel like his characterization was the weak part of,the book, because IMO it wasn't delved into enough. Like it felt like most of what we got was the heroines responses to things, Rather than any emphasis on the H and his issues. We're told what they are, but IMO, we don't really see into is head enough to get a real feel for them. Also one thing that didn't make sense was in the aftermath of the snowstorm, @ one pt the H leaves the h alone in his ski lodge to o find out the news and about road conditions, and ends up getting sidetracked into helping his we're not in his head at ths point so Ive got no idea what he was thinking....because a day or two before this, someone SHOT at them! And then cut off their generator, so he knows someone's out there, with some bad intentions...and what does he do? He goes traipsing off to help his ex fuck buddy, and leaving the h, the chick that means more than anything to him all by her lonesome! Yeah, that made no sense what so ever, and I'd have liked to know is reasoning.Also, if I'm being honest this is one of those, have one freaking convo books, and you're problems are solved! I mean seriously, just talk! But despite that, it we impossible to put Frigid down...I kept trying ( I needed sleep dammit!) but then minutes later I'd be right back into the story! So 3 stars because its smack dab in the middle of the road, and I really have no idea if I liked this or not. I'll def read the next j Lynn tittle, I can at least say that much :)Oh wait, one more thing: the little side mystery plot? yeah that was totally and completely unnecessary.