Ember: Death Collectors: 1

Ember - Jessica Sorensen SO i can't seem to get my thought's organized enough to write a review, so I'm just gonna list my issues with Ember:The heroine's bff. The girl was a bee-atch...an all around shitty friend...sure some of that can be explained away, but as a character it was just painful to have to deal with her so damned much....I felt like the h could have seriously used a better friend!Didn't like that the h made out with a guy she just met...a guy who for the majority of the book, the only think she actually knew was that he lost his dad, and was into art. And right after she made out with him, pages later another dude's all over her....another guy she JUST met. Now that sorta thing happens in erotica all the freaking time and I've no problems with it there...well, okay, I'm not really a fan of it there either, but it doesn't bug me quite so much it does here. ok next, and this is a pretty big one...and is directly impacted by the last two issues I had: the heroine, herself. I just could not connect with her...Obviously she's a necessary part of the story, but it got to the point, that i only kept reading to get to the end of the book. she was just so irritating. maybe it was just that it felt like all she did was react to things...and in ways i didn't or couldn't get...but whatever it was, she was definitely a negative aspect of this story, for me. And lastly, and this is sorta hard to put into words, but this is a NA title, yeah? So the h (and co) go to Community college but classes are really only mentioned once or twice...then the H (and co) have jobs...again only mentioned once or twice...neither aspect seemed to be part of the story or the characters lives...and all these characters seem to do is go to parties...granted the h kept getting dragged to them, but still... It's like this was only made into an NA so the h wouldn't have to deal with spending the majority of the day in one building...and instead could spend all her time getting it on with virtual strangers. oh wait one more thing...the para aspect of the book...maybe it was just me, but I felt like it was confusing...a few unhelpful info dumps...and Grim Reapers, Angels of Death and Grim Angels...dude, at least make them sound more different....i kept mixing them up! (To be fair though, by the end I was barely paying attention).Anyway, 2 stars. The first JS title i read was the first in a YA (i think) series with no para aspect in it, and i freaking loved that book. LOVED IT. The second title of hers i tried, had a para aspect and i still haven't finished it. So to ensure that I'll finish that first non-para series of hers that i actually liked, I think I'm going to be skipping over her supernatural themed books from now on, as they're just not for me.