Steam & Sorcery (Gaslight Chronicles, #1)

Steam & Sorcery (Gaslight Chronicles, #1) - Cindy Spencer Pape So...altogether, I'd say S & S rates a little less than 4 stars. It's a well put together para/ steampunk story though it did seem like steam punk light... All the gadgets and things were there, but it also  felt like an after thought.The romance aspect of the book, was sorta ignored for the first 3rd of the book, then out of nowhere, it kinda just  pops was like they'd met, had little to do with each other for quite a few chapters, then reached 3rd base, and it was a bit of a huh? moment.I did like both the Hero and heroine though. There was very little angst or conflict between though, So for me, it seemed liked everything relationship wise was a bit too easy. Actually, come to think of it, the relationships with the children were pretty easy too...they seemed to adjust a little too well, far too quickly, IMO. And keep in mind, if you're not a fan of children in books, the kids in this one are a pretty prevalent part of the story.So, I know it sounds like I had a bunch of complaints, but they're really just minor quibbles...Despite a slow start, CSP does a good job telling this particular story, and it was easy to get sucked right  in :)