The Boys of Summer (Summer, #1)

The Boys of Summer (Summer, #1) - C.J. Duggan 3 to 3.5 stars for this somewhat nostalgic read, it takes place in the 90's, but the only thing that really gives it away is the lack of twitter and facebook mentions and a few pop culture references ( Live's lighting crashes, and oasis's Wonderwall , iirc) near the end. Also I'm not too familiar with Aussie slang, so there was a little bit of culture shock that went hand in hand with a bit of confusion: I thought whining and whinging were the same thing, but apparently not - so now I'm at a loss, to what whinging is exactly - and I think the term singlets was used to mean Guys tank tops ( I hate the term, but aka wife beaters) instead of guys wrestling uniforms which is what I think of when I read the word 'singlet' .Oh and it took me a minute to get used to seeing the word's used a lot, chip packets, pay packets, even tic tac packets .... ( personally, as far as the latter goes, I usually just called it a thing of tictacs) ....and what the hell is a pokie? There was a pokies tour, mentioned early in the book ...tourists, maybe? Though it also made me think of one of those senior citizen bus groups....meh, whatevs, Also, the drinking age is 18, which i really wish was mentioned earlier in the book. Alsong with the driving age....the h and her besties are all on bikes, and i couldnt figure it out, if it was because they werent old enough to drive, or if the money just want avaiable for them to have cars. Also, apparently, unlike how we have our lockers lining the hallways, in our schools, in Aussie high schools, they have locker rooms,- like our gym ones, I think- , but used as regular between classes, and before lunch the students stop at their lockers, in the locker rooms....I'm geek enough, that I actually wish there was more on these, just because its seems so different from what I'm used too..:) there were a few other things that required a bit of figuring out too but those were the ones that really stuck out....and to some degree became entertaining in their own rite :) But altogether, this is a cute, sweet, slow( in a good way) read, and although the action is pretty low key, the h is pretty true to her age, which is something we rarely see now a days. The H,I'd have loved to see in his head, though, i think it worked best, this way, with just the h telling to story. So yeah, an entertaining read, from an author I'm definitely going to try again.