Graceling - Kristin Cashore So, altogether Graceling wasn't my average  read...Honestly I think saw it on  someone's shelf here at GR, and picked up a copy before I really thought about it... and for the most part I'm glad I was a little slow at first, but it's   written in a way, that you're so sucked into the story that you don't really notice the pacing...It does pick  after a bit, and I found myself hard pressed to put it down. The world building, for the most part was well done, as was the characterization of our main mharacter, Katsa, and through her point of view, a whole host of secondary characters as well...Having said that, I have to admit, that the ending of the book put me in a snit: the way it's written, IMO, leaves the reader thinking there's going to be a sequel...and there is, Fire, however it's a prequel, and not a sequel at all....And from the reviews I've read it's supposedly really good....Okay, I could  deal with that, because  there's  supposed to be a third book...only this one's focus is on a secondary character from Graceling, and again not the main one... (though  good many of the charactersare supposed to appear in it) I don't think any of this would bother quite so much, but as I said the ending left me thinking I'd get more from Katsa's POV, and now, knowing that I wont, at least not for the foreseeable future, leaves me  whole lotta disappointed... So much so that I couldn't help but take star off my rating!