The Sea of Tranquility

The Sea of Tranquility - Katja Millay Okay, so the sea of tranquility The issue with books like this one is that they're good. Really really really good... So astonishingly good that I lose the ability to form coherent sentences and i end up failing miserably in my quest to write the perfect that captures the awesomeness of the characters, and how attached to them you'll grow, ( and how much you'll absolutely hate letting them go) and how engaging the story is, and even when you know you've got an early day tomorrow, you still stay up half the night, because putting this down isn't even in the realm of possibilities, and all those bits that simultaneously break your heart and make you smile maniacally ( and you end up freaking out anybody who has the bad luck to be anywhere near you)!...yeah I have no idea how to put any of that into words....The funny thing ( ad the reason I'm kickin my own ass at the moment) is that I've had this book for a few weeks at least and I kept skipping over it...the title just didn't get my attention ( even though now the thought of calling this anything else is just wrong) and I couldn't even remember why I wanted to read it in the first place.... So Instead I had a long line of hit or miss reads with quite a few titles I dnf-ed thrown in for good measure....until I finally gave in. If its not obvious, 5 stars. 5 gigantic big ass stas only because I can't give it more. There may be editing errors or other issues, but if there are I didn't even see 'em, this was so good, it makes up for the better part of my frustration last week, in my inability to find a book that got my interest. Huh, so looking back this probably doesn't really tell you anything about the book, and I'd apologize but I think going in without any expectations is your best bet.... Seriously, the day is sill early and instead if following my usual pattern and looking for something else to read immediately , I think I'm just gonna process this one for a bit.