Terra (Terrestrials, No. 1)

Terra - Gretchen Powell Ok, 4, stars for the first ya dystopian part of the book: strong story, well told, decent world building, kept me engrossed, even when i thought i wasn't in the mood for a ya dystopian read! Then the second half of the book happens, and it's no longer dystopian but some thing else,or maybe something more ...and here, is where the book goes to meh. It's like an entirely different story, and everything's rushed, too quick, to really make a lasting impression. I felt like the author pushed too much into one book, the first part could have been expanded on, made into a full length story on its own, and the second part, could have easily been a book 2... But the way it's written...the last , like 40 % doesn't live up to the first 60....oh and I really wasn't a fan of the cliffhanger, I've got no interest whatsoever in reading the next book. And maybe this bits just me, but the h, was sorta meh too...like the majority of her actions were reactions to her surroundings, more then well thought out plans. Really could have used the H's pov! So, 2 stars for the second half, for an overall rating of 3 stars.