Sullivan's Woman

Sullivan's Woman - Nora Roberts 2 stars.I realize that's not a fair rating, as technically Sullivan's Woman was well written. But I'm still cursing the impulse that made me pick this up when I've had it sitting around for years. If you couldn't tell, that means I didn't Like it. I really really didn't like it.The entire thing is from the heroines point of view which is generally one of my pet peeves, I want the hero's POV, too, dammit! And the hero! He's a stereotypical artist... Focused to the point of rudeness, abrupt, arrogant, self involved...IMO there wasn't anything redeeming about him. The heroine comes of flighty and while I didn't dislike her quite so much, she's definitely not a favorite either.Oh and  theres a snotty deceitful other woman in the storyline whose comeuppance I'd have actually liked to have seen rather then be told about later.The ending was pretty good, mostly a combination of the HEA mixed in with the joy of finishing the book and knowing I'll be moving on to (hopefully) something better. I'm usually a Nora Roberts fan but all the ones I've read have been published post 90's, so I think I'll be sticking with those, and bypassing the rest of her 80's titles.