Two to Love [Nights in Bliss, Colorado 2] [The Sophie Oak Collection] (Siren Publishing Menage Everlasting)

Two to Love - Sophie Oak 3. 5 starseh...the begining is...interesting...seriously, getting your best bud, who's like a brother to you, to set you up with a couple of guys to to divest you of your virginity...huh, yeah, I really can't figure out what else to call it, beyond "interesting".The rest of the book is hot...really, really hot, but not as good, overall, as the first Nights in Bliss book, IMO. There's a very little, very light amount of bdsm thrown in, but mostly it's a strictly m/f/m menage story. Oh and there's a slight mystery involved, but the whodunnit's easy to solve... I really don't feel like we get to know the characters as well, plus it feels shorter then the first book as well....things also got resolved a little to quick for my tastes, though I liked the angsty bits...There were also a handful of grammatical/continuity errors...Honestly, I'd have been able to ignore them if they hadn't have pulled me outta the story!so enjoyable, but not a favorite. And I have to admit, I'm only kinda sorta interested in the next book, Stef and Jen's story, but I may skip it altogether, so we'll see.