4 stars! ...Maybe...I think

Inked - Johanna Lemon

So first things first, I'm not going to do a plot summary....mostly because I'm lazy (despite all the books I've read recently, this is the first one I've reviewed, let alone rated in months!) but also somewhat because i feel like this is one of those 'the less you know the better' type books.


Having said that, Inked started at 5 stars...then went down to 4, then up to 5, then down to 3, then 3.5, but having just finished it, i think it lands around the 4 star mark...


I loved the writing, the story, and I loved the heroine, the length of the book! and that the author is a fellow cat lover from Virginia (yay, for good taste! lol)


what i didn't love..the hero. We don't get his point of view (POV) so it's hard to relate or sympathize with him...Rationally i know what his reactions should/could be, but not getting his inner monologue makes it hard to be okay with them.


Now I can't stand books where the hero's the badass, action star, fighting the good fight, and not laying down, even when the tough gets goin, and the heroine... is just a prop...and here it sorta feels like this was the reverse...He doesn't really DO anything...and as much as i love the kick butt heroine, i have to say i think I'd have preferred a kick butt hero to go along with her...even if he kicked ass in another way, or in a subtle, harder to figure out way....Instead he's just there...and i don't really see what the heroine see's in him...



the only other complaint I'd have is, the world build was a little light, IMO. I'd have liked a lot more, enough to really get immersed in it, but that could just be me ;)


Otherwise, this was an awesomely awesome book...and i can't wait to read more from Johanna Lemon!