At least I finished it...

Echoes at Dawn (KGI, #5) - Maya Banks

Though I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not...


I stared reading this in July of 2012...and just finished it in April giving this any higher than 2 stars seems ridiculous....not to mention unwarranted.


To be fair i think it was the para elements that did me in...Granted it has been a looong  ass time, so i can't be sure, but IIRC,  i was getting sick of PNR's  when i  initially put this down, so if it hadn't been for the h's abilities, I think I may have liked this more.


I can't really say anything else though, becasue  again, its been a loong time and   hundreds of books later, not much really stands out in my memory....and silly me didn't make any reading notes :( i suppose i could've gone back and skimmed, but meh...i didn't wanna.


However, now that I'm sloooowly getting back into PNR's I can honestly say the ending wasn't too bad :) So if you've liked Maya Banks books in the past (or at least her KGI titles) and you didn't over indulge in PNR books, chances are, you'll like this more than I least enough to finish it in less than the 2+ years it took me!