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Meet Pickles, the cat who lives in Hobbiton

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Pickles is a lucky cat. Not only was she the only survivor when someone threw her and her littermates out of a car, the person who found her worked on the set of Hobbiton. So this is where she now lives.

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One To Hold - Tia Louise

So One to Hold is a hard book to rate because while I loved Ms Louise's writing style, there were a few bits of the story I wasn't too happy about.

As for as a summary goes, this isn't a very long book, so all I'll give you is: So, the H and h meet at a resort. And they get involved at said resort. Only both of them are hiding things....

Okay so, my issues:


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Bared for Her Bear - Jenika Snow

Yay for the idea, meh for the execution. It's the same ol' same ol, with books like this one: too much sex, not enough plot. The scenes were hot, yes, but, I'd have preferred more characterization (there are so many characters and we get so little of them!), story telling (those sex scenes were loooong and but everything else felt like it all happened too fast), and the h and h spending more 'getting to know' you time (most of their getting to know you bits were glossed over).  IIRC, i actually l think there was more plot in the synopsis than the actual book!  so, yeah, meh pretty much sums it up. 

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every flat (and some not so flat) surface i have can attest to this.

Where the Stars Still Shine - Trish Doller

So, this was my first Trish Doller title, and  I don't know how to explain why this was only 3 stars....


It's like, as well written as the story was ( and it was well written,  I don't recall anything about the writing itself, that bothered me), it didn't quite deliver on the promise of the synopsis. I just expected more.


And honestly, it's not terribly original. I could pretty much figure out the book, long before I got to the resolution ( though to be fair, while what I thought would happen, happened, the book did not end the way I thought it would.)  And it sorta kinda reminded me of an after school movie meets a lifetime one....and it wasn't as deep as I wanted...like all the right words are said, and all the right actions are taken, but it was still not enough.....


and yet, I  still liked it. And I want more. And I'd read more from Ms Doller. But still, I can't seem to give this more than 3 stars, 3.5 max.

Sweetly Bad - Anya Breton



Okay so I really wasn't expecting much from this Ellora's cave title. IMO, there are a lot more misses than hits, with EC titles, so I figured it'd be a quick read, hopefully a hot one, and if we got any plot at all, I'd call it a win.


So color me surprised, there's actual story to this story!

It's not very in depth, but still it's there! And it doesn't fade into the background!


Lets see, real quick, the H is a air witch, who's ferrari breaks down in the h's small town of (iirc) Stoddard. He did a douchey thing so his rich mommy cuts him off and marks him as a rogue ( this however wasn't explained very well, but I think it just means he's got a target on his back), which means none of his acquaintances ( i.e former bed bunnies) will go near him....who does help him? The h, who towed his car to her garage. Only she's got her own issues, her ass of an ex, won't leave her alone about buying her out, and a few of her recent fixes, have become unfixed....but still she gives hm a roof over his head, until things can work out.


What I liked:

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Lady X - Claudy Conn Cute story,I'm not usually a fan of 'witch' books, but CC's story was a pretty easy, if a bit long, read. But despite its' length, it fell a little short in the depth department IMO. And a lot wasn't explained,or at least not enough for me. Like the H and h's ability to hide their abilities from each other. Her, I understand, she hand t reached her full potential yet, but he's centuries old, shouldn't he have been able to tell, there was some thing off? and why did the h, only think the two options for the Hero, was that he either he human or a witch? why didn't she think it was possible for him to be anything else? and why couldn't any of the other super naturals in the past, who were supposed to be super powerful, detect that the h wasn't human? And if the h's mom was supposed to be super white witch, the most powerful me alive, then why couldn't she fight or help the h fight her dads compulsion? Too many questions, and not enough info for me. Also, I really would have preferred if both MC's found out about the others secret identity, earlier on, rather than at the very end of the book. And it feels like a lot happened, and it takes forever and a day to get to the end of the story, and then when we get there, everything wraps up waaaay to fast, and all rainbows and sunshine. Oh and there were a lot of pov's and not enough, IMO from the Hero's, perspective. All together, though this was a decent read, it just needs some polishing, me thinks. 3 to 3.5 stars

First Surrender (The Serafina: Sin City Series)

First Surrender (The Serafina: Sin City Series) - Katie Reus 3 stars. A well written novella, but nothing terribly new and /or exciting. Also felt a bit rushed, but still an enjoyable read.
Craving Constellations (The Aces, #1) - Nicole Jacquelyn

So I'm in the minority here, but to be honest, if this is what mc books are like now, I just don't think they're for me. I've read KA's and those iirc, were pretty good, but I think I need to be pickier from here on out. Having said that, the rest of this review, ( if you can really even call it that) is spoilery so read at your own risk.


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Honey, I Shrunk the Werewolf - Dakota Cassidy Grrr to picking up books by authors you know aren't for you. To be fair, I got sucked in by the synopsis before realizing Dakota Cassidy wrote this. I also didn't realize it was an Ellora's cave title...yeah, I know, go me and my amazing attention to detail,right?Now DC's not a bad writer, she's just not for me. I never think her books are funny even though almost every positive review I come across mentions how hilarious her writing is, and I always end her books more irritated, than anything.Having said that, if your a fan, I think you'll like this one. Even if, IMO, there's more sex then story. If she's a new to you author, this isn't a bad place t start. But if like me, you've read her before and didn't jump on her bandwagon, this one's unlikely to change things for you.
Love, Technically - Lynne Silver This was a super easy, super quick read, but it was also super short, and didn't have a lot of depth, which for me, means, I can't give it higher than 3 stars....but it was super fun ( although I'd have loved if there was more geekdom added in) so lets say 3.999 stars instead :)

Uncommon Passion

Uncommon Passion - Anne Calhoun 3 to 3.75 stars. Loved the heroine, the Hero not so much, and I don't know how to explain why the rest of the book was just okay for me....it just felt like a lot of their relationship ( if you could call it that) was cold and impersonal, and even by the end, I just didn't really feel thir HEA. Having said that, I did, for the most part, like Ms Calhoun's writing and in all likelihood,will give her other titles a chance.

Club Monstrosity (Monstrosity, #1)

Club Monstrosity - Jesse Petersen 3 stars. A cute, light hearted read... though if your looking for a romance there's only a little here.

Left Drowning

Left Drowning - Jessica Park 2.5 stars I think is more apt. I just never really connected with the characters. And iirc, there's a lot of present tense ( present progressive tense, maybe? its been awhile since I've been in an english class!) used throughout the book that was hard to get used to, as well. Just not for me :(
Worthy - Evie Matthews If you can stand the amateurish writing style, the overall story is decent, if not wholly original.

Love and Skate (Love and Skate, #1)

Love and Skate (Love and Skate, #1) - Lila Felix 2 stars. It started out pretty well, and i love the idea of a roller derby playing heroine, but around the half way point I started to lose interest....there wasnt a whole hell of a lot of the derby stuff, and the whole story....it just felt like there was no point....and I don't even think there was a climax to the story....there was some drama sure....very low key drama, but no pivotal plot point. And it all felt very superficial, if that make sense. And, while it's technically new adult, IMO, it didn't feel like it and it didn't really feel like it lived up to the cover. Also the book ends sooner then you think, because there's a lot of promo stuff at the end :(So...meh. It was okay. I may read, a LF title again, but maybe not for a while.

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